Are you ready to conquer your health and weight challenges naturally?

Even if you are too busy, addicted to unhealthy habits, and don't want to go fully raw?

Yes! But how do I do that?

Raw Vegan Ninja Success System

Educational online program for reaching your ultimate levels of health, energy, vitality and happiness

Backed by decades of experience, solid scientific research and success of thousands of happy people we worked with over the last 20 years.

Watch this 2 minute video below to find out what it's all about.

Is this program right for me?

If you feel tired, unhappy with your body, addicted to unhealthy foods, stressed, challenged by disease, and confused with conflicting health advice, you are in the right place at the right time.

We can help!

We teach a balanced approach to raw vegan nutrition and the whole lifestyle to help you:

  • Boost your immune system

  • Optimize your life force

  • Experience your body's ability to heal naturally

  • Achieve a toned and fit body

  • Eliminate most of the annoying symptoms you might be experiencing

  • Easily prepare delicious raw vegan meals on the go

  • Break free from unhealthy cravings

  • Get more energy than you know what to do with

  • Let go of unhelpful habits

  • Get stronger teeth, hair, nails, and bones

  • Release stress, anxiety, and unhappiness

  • Become confident in your social life

  • And overcome any other obstacles that are holding you back from the most vibrant, healthy and happy version of yourself

By Following Our Success System, You Can Expect to:

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Regain the health you deserve

Boost your body's ability to naturally reverse almost any disease you may be facing right now and shock your doctor with results

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Get the body of your dreams

Easily release 8 or more pounds of excess body fat per month, keep it off and build healthy muscle and strength naturally

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Break free from addictions

Replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones with cutting edge psychology techniques in about 1-3 months

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Reclaim your peace and happiness

Regain your energy and happiness from the inside out and fall in love with life again with our ancient meditation techniques and modern practices

Become a raw vegan ninja!

You will get all the tools, support, and inspiration you need to finally take your health, happiness, and fitness to the next level!

Ready to be supported?

Meet your guides

Happy Raw Reny

Happy Raw Reny

Raw vegan educator and self-taught raw food chef 

Reny began her raw vegan journey 13 years ago after getting very sick from following a restrictive low carb diet and exhausting herself with work and studies. After going raw, her health improved so dramatically that she decided to dedicate her life to spreading this beautiful message as a raw food educator and certified yoga teacher.

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Jesse Bogdanovich

Renowned lifestyle coach and raw vegan pioneer

Jesse was injured by the polio vaccine as a baby and healed himself with water fasting and the raw food lifestyle. He is a fully raw vegan for over 22 years already. Jesse studied with many raw vegan pioneers and experts. He supported thousands of people on this beautiful healing path over the years.

"A dream is only a dream without an action plan."

Jesse Bogdanovich


Would you also love to jump out of bed in the early morning and feel happy, bubbly, proud of your fit body, free from any discomfort, and ready to rock your mission all day long? You can make this dream a reality if you have a solid action plan for it.

Where do I get an action plan?

Your action plan to become a Raw Vegan Ninja

Get our three decades of experience and studies in just three months!  

Raw Vegan Pancakes

Week 1 -
Find out your weakest link

What is holding you back the most? Usually, it's not what people think. We will help you to see your weakest link, so you can finally break free from it!

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Week 2 -
Break free from cravings & anxiety

We will help you to build your personal strategy to break free from cravings, unhelpful habits, and emotional challenges.

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Week 3 -
Boost your energy and get better sleep

Get the best strategies and techniques to boost your energy, overcome insomnia, improve sleep quality, and increase your productivity.

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Week 4 - 
Become a raw vegan recipe ninja

Learn how to make tasty raw vegan recipes and create your personal menu that provides you with all the nutrients you need.

Raw Vegan Pancakes

Week 5 -
Cleanse safely and efficiently

Detoxify effectively and safely without overburdening your system and running into deficiencies 

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Week 6 -
Become a fitness ninja

Find out how to easily and effectively burn fat, build muscle, become stronger, and learn to love your body the way it is.

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Week 7 -
Get socially empowered

Master the social aspects of being raw vegan, overcome loneliness, build community, dine in restaurants with ease and enjoy eating with family, even if you are the only raw vegan.

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Week 8 - 
Sharpen your nutritional skills

Dig deeper into raw vegan nutrition, sharpen your kitchen skills, and develop your own favorite recipes.

Raw Vegan Pancakes

Week 9 - 
Allow your body to heal naturally

Learn to overcome specific health challenges by boosting your body's natural ability to heal, with your doctor's permission.

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Week 10 -
Find your true natural beauty

Develop natural raw vegan beauty from inside out and outside in - nutrition, skincare, dental health, strong hair, natural household, and environment.

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Week 11 -
Live with passion and abundance

Find a way to do what you love, uncover your passion, love yourself, develop a spiritual connection, emotional health, and break free from routine.

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Week 12 - 
Graduate as a Raw Vegan Ninja

Fine-tune your eating, learn to forage, develop intuition, and refresh everything we learned. Become a true raw vegan ninja. The world needs you!!!

Are we certified to support you?

Besides 35 years of combined experience living the raw vegan lifestyle and guiding thousands of people over the decades, we went through in-depth studies with Drs. Rick and Karin Dina.

The "Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator Course" is the only raw food course in the world that is backed by solid, unbiased science and decades of clinical and real-life experience.

It is the latest certificate Jesse earned. He also studied with most of the top raw vegan educators in the movement for over two decades. In addition, Jesse took “Dr. Schulze’s Herbology and Natural Healing workshop” in 1997 and more.

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Here is a fraction of what you are getting

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Daily educational and inspirational videos

Every day you will get a 10-15 minute video lesson on one of the aspects of the healthy raw vegan lifestyle.

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Ever growing raw vegan recipe collection

We will give you an extremely easy to make 100% raw vegan, nutrient-dense recipes for smoothie bowls, juices, satisfying salads, lasagnas, noodles, warming soups, snacks, fruit cakes, etc.

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Weekly worksheets

Every week you will get super easy to fill worksheet to dive deep in the theme of the week and successfully apply it to your everyday life.


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Monthly group coaching call

Every month we will have a group coaching session where you can ask all your burning questions, dive deep into solving your challenges, and get our support and insights.

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Private support group

You can stay connected, supported, inspired, and accountable with our private support group. You can meet like-minded people from all around the world and get your daily dose of inspiration from our 1-2 minute videos, where we address your questions and challenges as we go.


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A growing collection of raw food prep videos

Learn to make different raw vegan recipes by following our step by step video guidance until you master them all.

Are you ready for a profound and sustainable transformation?

All it takes is just one small step at a time

Are you ready to invest only 15 minutes a day to break free from the obstacles that are holding you back and transform your life instead of chasing things that don't really matter?

What kind of transformation can I expect?

Success stories

Here are just a small selection of our client's success stories. We are so proud of you, dear friends!

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Sjaan from Netherlands

When I first went high raw vegan, I experienced constipation. But, since you advised me to eat more apples during the day, I am not constipated anymore. Also, since I've changed my diet, my skin is so hydrated that I don't have to use any hand cream anymore. I also feel more positive and enjoy daily life more.

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Ivona from Germany

I had epilepsy, Hashimoto's, irritable bowel syndrome, poor digestion, bad hair loss, 50 pound weight gain, etc.
I feel amazing now, had no epileptic fit since completing the cleanse, finally I am full of positive energy and I know that I will soon reach my goal of total health.

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Herdis from Estonia

What a joy to read these kind daily posts here! I feel hundred times more energized because of it. I did my regular diagnostic which said that my severe B-vitamin and iron deficiencies are gone. And fungus isn’t a boss anymore… Thanks so much for inspiration and for this important work you are doing, Jesse and Reny!

Lee, a talented artist from New York

Lee overcame a serious disease, released 30 pounds of unwanted weight, boosted her energy and confidence. She looks and feels like a brand new person.

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 Danae from Estonia

Jesse is not here to tell you what is right to eat or how to act right. He just guides you to your own truth. And that is from were all the magic begins. :) 

Thank you Jesse, for the endless and non-jugmental love. Seriously. I could never have expected to have this kind of teacher, a friend and a support. You truly are a gift! :)

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PollyAnna from USA

Jesse is an amazing raw food coach and mentor. He has been so kind and patient with all of my questions, literally spending hours giving me tips, tricks, advice, and holding my hand through the process.

My ability to focus increased and my chronic fatigue is gone.

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Kyle, student from UK

Thank you for helping me combat acne by eliminating certain foods and giving some other great tips.

Tough not eating some stuff but well worth it. Especially great prices for a student. Thanks for everything Jesse!

Siret, mom of three kids, an entrepreneur from Australia, originally from Estonia

My name is Siret.  I joined the first Reny’s and Jesse’s program about 7 years ago. Reny and raw vegan food helped me to release 14 kg very quickly and keep it off for years.

I overcame back pain, blood pressure issues, depression, and some other health challenges. Now I feel very strong emotionally. I am able to stay happy, balanced, and at peace even when I face serious life challenges.

I am so grateful for Reny, Jesse and the Raw Vegan Ninja program for helping me to stay healthy and on track.

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Kristel from Estonia

I never believed that I could eat only raw for a whole week, especially in the detox mode. But it was so easy and I felt just perfect. Thanks to you, Reny, I know how easy it is to eat fully raw.
You are doing the right thing and it really works and surely helps lots of people!

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Jens from Germany

It’s been a wonderful experience to go through Reny’s and Jesse’s cleanse. You’ve put so much time and effort into working out this program and it turned out to be the No. 1 support for a really “whole lifestyle”. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and overall support!

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 Julie from France

I never felt as good as during this cleanse with Reny and Jesse! I didn’t feel pushed, didn’t care about calories, only listened to my body and looked forward to my meals. Love you so much guys!!

Feedback from our raw vegan cruise

We've been blessed by the most sweetest cruise guests, here is some of their feedback after studying with us for a week.


What influencers say...

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Joe Cross
From the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

Congratulations Jesse… The power of fasting!! Great to see that you are spreading the word!! I believe that the way we solve problems is through leadership and setting an example…And that’s what you’re doing!!

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Dan A. McDonald
the "Life Regenerator"

Wow man! You are a champ Jesse! I hope we can meet some day! I am going to pass your healing story around!

Do your thing man and you are going to help many, many people!

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Dave Conrardy
The Raw Food Trucker

I want you to know, Jesse, that when I had my heart attack & stroke it was your story of healing through fasting that inspired me to refuse any cooked food while at the hospital… Thanks for being such an inspiration to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Assaraf, bestselling author, from "The Secret" movie

We've been blessed to have John on our Raw Vegan Cruise in 2018. It's been a very uplifting experience!

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Danielle from Netherlands

The past year Jesse and Reny have taught and helped me so much! I have several health issues and I’m not there yet because sometimes I don’t follow their advice, but they are so patient, loving, non-judgmental and positive minded, that I keep going. I feel blessed that they are here for me, and for you!

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Epp from Estonia

I really liked Reny’s nutritional principles. It was an excellent support for the beginner raw foodist like me. I’ve been eating raw vegan food with a few small exceptions for the full 30 days of Reny’s program. Despite all the raw food courses I took, never before I was able to enjoy raw vegan food for such a long period of time.

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Crystal from California

Thank you for all of this wonderful information and knowledge that you share with everyone, Reny. Your insights were very helpful to me. A truly wonderful and amazing soul you are!!!

Feedback from our raw vegan retreat

Here is just a fraction of the sweet feedback we received from our raw vegan retreat guests over the years.

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Brian, artist from UK

Reny & Jesse offer the real deal, a deal that gives you a tool kit that can change your life.

Once you have this you can begin to understand how to heal yourself and quietly spread the word so that, maybe, others will question a way of living that is harming us all.

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Juta from Estonia

My success with going all raw this month was possible thanks to you, Reny! You know these things so well!

Without your recipes and support I wouldn’t be successful. And yes, I think, that I want to stay all raw!

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Rachel from UK

I was resistant and stubborn at times and Jesse’s patience, acceptance and tolerance was admirable!! He stood by me, never judging, pushing, criticizing or rushing me and I’m so glad he did.

Thanks to Jesse I’ve now turned a corner and my health, vitality and appetite for life is ever increasing.

Juri from Estonia, Reny's Dad

"At the very least, this lifestyle is interesting. But I have to warn you that it might pull you in and make you a real raw vegan.

Are you ready to experiment and listen to your body's reactions?

From my experience I can tell you that from a complete skeptic of this style of eating I turned into enthusiast and supporter. No wonder! Digestion works like a clockwork, no more health issues, the excess weight is released and I feel great!"

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 Catherine from Canada

Jesse is such a joy to learn from – let alone experience the natural healing space he has created!



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Alexandra from USA

Thank you so much Jesse Bogdanovich for helping me to learn how to sleep better, how to eat a healthy raw vegan food and about the lifestyle that goes along with it! I am very grateful!

Jesse is truly sincere, kind and very knowledgeable!

Placeholder Image

Yeni from California

I really enjoyed my session with you, Jesse. You gave me TONS of valuable information, tips and advice. You are an amazing being and a very resourceful coach. I am so glad that I came across you!


What would your life be like if you become the healthiest, happiest, and the most energetic version of yourself?

Imagine how much more you can achieve and how enjoyable your life would become if you will be able to show up 100%!


In only 12 weeks, with your full commitment, and just 15 minutes a day you can expect to...

  • Start jumping out of bed fully energized every single morning 
  • Boost your body's ability to overcome almost any chronic disease naturally
  • Break free from unhealthy cravings
  • Find your inner peace and happiness
  • Reduce or fully eliminate the symptoms of most illnesses
  • Bring your body fat percentage to a healthier level
  • Get stronger muscles and a more toned looking body
  • Get a natural healthy glow and smoother skin
  • Become more confident about your food choices in social situations
  • Find peace around food with your loved ones
  • Learn to quickly make delicious raw vegan dishes you'll fall in love with
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery and improve your health conditions with a healthy lifestyle and natural methods
  • Replace brain fog with a sharp, clear and focused mind
  • Discover a sustainable and balanced approach to raw vegan nutrition and overall lifestyle

Raw Vegan Ninja Success System has a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee

Try us out for a whole week - if you don't absolutely love it, we will give you a full refund!

You don't even have to make your final decision now. Because after supporting over 3000 people on the raw vegan path and healthy lifestyle, we are so confident in our ability to help you, that we are ready to give you a 7-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. So there’s zero risks for you.

Enroll in Raw Vegan Ninja Success System right now by clicking the button below, try us out for a whole week and make your decision later!

That's right, simply send us a quick email, and we’ll personally refund your purchase, no questions asked. So you really have nothing to lose, yet a happier, healthier, calmer, more joyful, and fulfilling life to gain.

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We are so excited to share the tools of health and happiness with you and give you the information you've been looking for, and that took us decades to gather and perfect

You can choose to pass this opportunity, continue with your old habits and get the same old results. Or you can jump in, join us and upgrade your whole lifestyle and boost your level of health and happiness to a whole new level within the next 12 weeks! Are you in?

I am in!

Join before the end of the month to get these exclusive bonuses completely FREE

"Veggie Power Meals" recipe book

$12 value

Savory and satisfying 100% raw vegan veggie dishes to keep you warm and cozy during these colder months. So you never have to feel deprived on the raw vegan lifestyle again.

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Simply Vibrant Recipes

$16 value

Our award-winning raw vegan recipe book with simple to make delicious recipes that are easy to digest.

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Raw Vegan Meal Plan

$22 value

My brand new 4-week meal plan with quick to make raw vegan recipes if you want to know exactly what to eat.

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I'll take these!

Everything you get by signing up to Raw Vegan Ninja Success System today

  • Over 12 hours of life-changing video training from long term raw vegans every month ($600 value)
  • A big collection of exclusive mouth-watering raw vegan recipes, from delicious smoothie bowls and fat-free fruit cakes to satisfying savory salads with creamy dressings, pizzas, lasagnas, noodles, raw soups, crackers, raw vegan cheeses and much more. ($100 value) 
  • 1,5-hour online group coaching call every month ($450 value) 
  • Daily inspirational videos, except Sundays, answering your questions and addressing your challenges as we go ($600 value) 
  • Personal support over our private support system, where you can keep your lifestyle journal and get our response at least 2 times per week ($1800 value)
  • 4 life-changing worksheets with our feedback and follow-up recommendations ($200 value)
  • A collection of yoga and fitness videos by certified yoga teacher Reny ($100 value)
  • A collection of meditation videos by certified yoga teacher Reny ($100 value)
  • As a bonus, you also get our three recipe books ($50 value)


Total value $4.200


But because our main goal is to support as many awesome people like you as possible, we want to make our program affordable for you.

Our Raw Vegan Ninja program is fully booked. Registration will reopen in September or October 2020. 

One-time payment for 3 months

Join our waiting list and get the biggest discounts available

We will notify you as soon as registration reopens and offer you our best discounts.

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